Kids Boys Swimsuits UPF50+UV Swimwear Set Two Piece Rash Guard

Strong AND FLEXIBLE: Highly chlorine and salt safe texture, low water maintenance, and incredibly speedy drying. Four-way stretch and shape memory. Profoundly flexible texture for an agreeable fit.

Magnificent SUN PROTECTION: Boy Sun defensive bathing suit textures are evaluated UPF 50+ and give most extreme UV sun assurance by blocking 98% of UVA + UVB sunbeams, wet or dry。The bathing suit covers the fundamental piece of the body to keep burn from the sun from the skin brought about by unreasonable outside games or water sports.

Machine launderable.

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Utilitarian texture: An ecologically amicable material comprising of 80% polyamide and 20% versatile fiber. The bathing suit shapes a warm layer impact, which can ease the uneasiness of the kid when the youngster enters the water and can shield the tyke from the chilly when leaving the water.

The second layer of skin: the bathing suit resembles the second layer of skin, which can lessen the effect on the skin when entering the water, and can shield the body from being scratched by rocks, flotsam, and jetsam and so forth in the water.


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